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Real and personal property taxes are based on the fair market value of such property on the date of revaluation by a municipality. Property owners have the right to contest the valuation placed on their property which would reduce the tax burden.

It is pivotal for you to have a qualified professional to support you during this complex legal process. We provide surety and support by putting together a strong well-supported claim and offer actionable legal guidance no matter the circumstances of your case.

With 40+ years of professional experience in helping our clients significantly reduce their tax obligations, we help you save valuable time and assets by taking your case from the beginning and helping you create a claim that has the most chance for success.


Michael D. Reiner
Tax Appeal Division Leader

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Meet Michael Reiner, a trusted tax appeal division leader with years of proficient knowledge facilitating clients’ particular needs. His vast experience in the tax appeal process can help you significantly reduce your tax obligations. Michael is known to support his clients in the most complicated cases whilst putting a strong focus on a tailored approach under the unique circumstances of each case.

His experience will provide you with the most compelling negotiation, giving you the best possible chance for success. With his immense knowledge and professionalism, you are expected to get a superior experience that exceeds your expectations.

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We have been successful in reducing valuation in the vast majority of our cases. We handle most of the tax appeals, by far, of any law firm in the state.

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We have handled more than 10,000 tax appeals which has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars saved

When and Why You Must Appeal 

There is always a strong reason to question tax assessment.

When you decide to appeal, don’t file the appeal yourself as you most likely won’t have legal knowledge and the tools needed to successfully appeal on your own.

Your real property valuation might be not in line with similar properties in the same jurisdiction
The assessor could value the same property twice.
Your valuation might include assets or real property owned by someone else
The details on the property record can be inaccurate.
The value of your real property might have increased more than is reasonable (or legal) compared to the previous
Your valuation might include business personal property you no longer own.
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