Funds Recovery

Greene Law PC reviews hundreds of government agencies across the nation looking for funds that are available. We thoroughly research any potential lien holders that could possibly claim some of the funds. We then use skip tracing services to contact the rightful owners and supply them with the appropriate information.

Next, we assist you by offering support and help with the daunting claims process. Billions of dollars are currently being held by the government and it is our passion to help people retrieve what is rightfully theirs. We are motivated by the gratification we experience when sending a check for thousands sometimes 10s of thousands of dollars to clients that were unaware the money existed prior to contacting them.


How it Works

We assist you by offering support and help through the daunting claims process. From start to finish, we handle every aspect of the claim. We never charge an upfront fee and are paid only a percentage of what we successfully recover for you. Thus, simplifying the process and making it absolutely risk free for you.

Step 1: Relationship Engagement

Our representation agreement is drafted and sent to you. When ready to proceed, and the initial representation agreement is signed by you, we then share the location and amount of funds available to you.

Step 3: Persistent Follow Up

As part of our ongoing efforts, we continually follow up with these agencies to discuss any additional requests that may arise. With decades of knowledge in this area, we have the experience to navigate through each agency’s procedures to claim and recover your funds in a timely manner.

Step 2: File Necessary Documents

We are now your law firm and legally represent you, enabling us to file the needed documents with the appropriate agencies to begin the process of recovering your funds.

Step 4: Show You the Money!

We notify you as soon as the agency approves your claim… the agency then sends a check to us and we will deliver your funds to you within 1-3 months.

Get In Touch

Don’t do this alone

It is extremely time consuming and expensive to attempt this process yourself.  We obtain the needed tools and experience to greatly improve your chances of recovering the funds. Since we don’t charge any upfront fees, the entire cost of submitting and recovering the claim is covered by us. It is absolutely risk free and we are paid only a portion from the funds recovered meaning we collect our fee only if and when we successfully recover money for you.