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Foreclosure Defense

We understand that foreclosures can be a daunting and stressful process. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for you while minimizing the financial and emotional impact of the litigation process. It is crucial that you are aware that you have options, regardless of the circumstances of your situation.


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Many homeowners don't know that lender mistakes can stop a foreclosure. Get this essential guide and learn how to fight foreclosure in order to save your home.

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Lender Mistakes
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Your Foreclosure Defense Pros

Recognized as one of the top foreclosure defense firms in Connecticut and New Jersey, we will work with you every step of the way, and do everything possible to make sure your rights are protected. Our legal team can work with you to identify potential legal solutions and strategize how to best protect your home.

Support You Need

We will provide the support you need throughout the foreclosure proceeding and even if your home must go to auction, there are ways to stay in it for months.

Experience You Trust

We have spent 40+ years defending mortgage foreclosure lawsuits and will help you find a successful solution to your issue.

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"Justin was very helpful and I appreciate everything he and his team has done they have always been very polite to me and every time I had a question Justin and Melissa were there to answer me. I just wanna thank them for everything!"

Ryan L.

Common Foreclosure Defenses

With years of experience and numerous successful cases, we will work hard to achieve the best possible outcome, tailored to your specific situation. Homes are personal and foreclosures are private and sensitive matters. We will guide you through this process to minimize the financial and emotional impact on your life.

Branding Strategy
Possibility that your lender has no standing in court 

When you sue someone, you need to have standing. If there is not enough evidence to support your lender's case, then your chances for keeping your home significantly increase. 

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Helping you with late payment fees

There is a possibility that you can reduce or even eliminate late payment fees, which will drastically help your financial situation. 

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Mortgage loan modification

We can help to create a mutually beneficial agreement with your lender to pause your mortgage payment for a time period. Instead of losing your property to foreclosure, we can help you come to an agreement with your lender to give you temporary time to get back on your feet.

Professional Support
Finding out if your lender has breached the loan contract 

There are numerous factors that can lead to lenders breach of contract, for example if the lender fails at any of its contracted duties to you, or didn’t report payments to credit bureaus correctly. If your lender has violated the law in any way, this will help your case of keeping your home. Also, if the lender misplaces the promissory note or mortgage documents, then the lender no longer has standing in court. 

Business Solutions
Lender committed fraud and/or engaged in predatory lending practices

Fraud is a very serious accusation, but lenders have a past record of being predatory against unassuming homeowners. Below is a list of several fraudulent practices that would set aside a foreclosure sale:

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Was your credit information recorded maliciously?
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Is the interest rate higher than your qualifications? 
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Were you coerced into taking out a loan that you couldn’t have reasonably afforded? 
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Were you mentally incompetent at the time of signing — invalidating the contract?
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Were you misguided during the loan application process?
Business Solutions
Lender failed to make required disclosures prior to closing on the loan
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Did the pre-foreclosure notice fit State requirements?
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Did the lender provide you with federal resources for assistance with your summons? Did you receive assistance information in a second form — e.g., by phone or in person?
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Did the notice summoning you to court follow Federal and State requirements?
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Was the notice clearly distinguished in large, bold letters?
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Was the summons properly delivered to you, following the requirements for service?

All of these disclosures are required. These laws are in place to protect homeowners from predatory lenders. Lenders are not allowed to blindside homeowners with a foreclosure suit.

Our Mission

Keeping you on your property by delaying foreclosure

There are many ways to stop or slow a foreclosure process, but if you do lose your home to foreclosure, it doesn’t mean you have to leave right away.

How does it work?

Once the notices 90 days are up, the lender can file the required lawsuit against you to officially begin the foreclosure proceeding. The court has to approve the foreclosure before the lender can sell the house at auction. By receiving court approval, the lenders can mitigate their losses by proceeding to an auction. 

The sale date must pass before the eviction process can begin. For the sale date to be finalized, the court must approve the foreclosure and order the auction. Even after the court order, auctioning could go on for months before the sale is made. 

Since the eviction process doesn’t start until the previous process is completed, you can remain in your home. With the right eviction defense, the foreclosure process can go on for months. With strong legal representation, you could even be paid to move out. 

Client Testimonial

"Justin has been working diligently to help me with a stressful foreclosure. He has gone out of his way to make sure he keeps me updated on every step in the process. He & his team have done a wonderful job executing a plan that has my best interests at heart. I can’t thank them enough for stepping in at the right time!"

Ivy V.

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Defending against a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit is a multifaceted and complicated process that requires extensive experience with the complex laws and legal nuances. Foreclosures are sensitive matters and the faster you take action, the more chances for saving your home you will have. We will guide you through your options during your free consultation and jointly decide the best option for your particular case.