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Expert family law services in Farmington

When things simply aren’t working out between you and your spouse and living together harmoniously is no longer an option, it’s reassuring to have attorneys that aggressively and effectively represent you and work closely with you to help you make smart decisions. Here at the firm of Greene Law, P.C., we are happy to provide focused, comprehensive Family Law services to clients in Connecticut. Contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

Legal Separation and Divorce

Our family law services addresses the domestic issues commonly faced by families. Whether we are helping a client through a straightforward, uncontested divorce or tracing non-marital assets in a more complex case, we provide the same high level of support in every case we take on. 

If you do decide to become legally separated and later wish to have the marriage terminated, our firm can help you file a motion to do so.

Child Custody and Visitation

No matter how tumultuous your marriage is, if you have children together, you still need to maintain an open line of communication even after the divorce. We'll help you develop a parenting plan in the best interest of your children and its success depends on your ability to communicate over matters concerning you and your children’s schedules.

We realize that in highly complex divorce cases direct communication can often seem impossible. We'll work with you to create a plan for communication (through e-mail, grandparents or another third party) that will help preserve the well-being of your children and ensure their access to both you and your former spouse.

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Child and Spousal Support

Connecticut Child Support Guidelines
Connecticut is among the highest of all states in regards to child support. The factors that result in the amount of support that a child receives are determined by the gross income of both parents, any timeshare and custodial considerations, specific deductions and if a parent has children from a prior relationship. Consideration will also be giving to the parent that has claimed the dependent child for federal tax exemptions.
Two Important Aspects of Spousal Support
When it comes to Alimony or Spousal Support, our attorneys at Greene Law, P.C. consider two points of support. An initial Spousal Support order is requested by filing a motion in the court to obtain temporary support. This support will address the financial matters throughout the course of the divorce case or separation. Its purpose is to help the spouse maintain the status quo regarding finances.
The second point of spousal support has to do with permanent support at the end of the case. Family Code section outlines several items to determine the amount. These factors include:
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of both parties involved
  • Any criminal history of both parties
  • Tax consequences
  • Ability of the supported spouse to find employment without interference of raising the children
  • Anything else the court deems important

Property Division

Carefully Examining and Tracing Assets and Debt
Dividing assets that you have successfully obtained during a marriage can become very complex in regards to divorce and asset division. Our attorneys at Greene Law, P.C. have the experience to effectively guide you through the process of complex property division. Discuss your issues with our attorneys if your marital or non-marital property division includes:
  • Stock options
  • Inheritance
  • Business ownership
  • Real property
  • Pension Plans
  • Gifts
Determining a Business's Value at the Time of Divorce
The value of the business of you or your spouse is critical at the time of separation. We have seen cases where the business-owning party is aware that a divorce is happening and will intentionally bring down the performance of the business so that the other party will not receive as much in the divorce settlement.

Bringing in Experts
We partner with tax advisers, accountants, appraisers, and forensic specialists to make sure that we trace the marital and non-marital assets. We work together to make the best possible decisions for our clients to determine what assets are personal and what assets will be divided in the divorce.

Restraining Orders and Move Away Cases

Protective Orders
You need lawyers that you can trust when an alleged act of violence is used in a vindictive action. Our attorneys are able to represent both the party wishing to file the restraint as well as ones who have restraining order against them. Call us today to speak about:
  • Civil harassment restraining orders
  • Mutual restraining orders
  • Restraining orders (protection)
  • Domestic violence
  • Workplace violence restraining orders
  • Violations of restraining orders
Violations of restraining orders are both Family Law and criminal court matters. Our attorneys are able to get the criminal component of a restraining order violation expunged from our clients' records.

Move Away/Relocation Cases
Sometimes a relocation becomes a necessity. For a divorced parent, this can be an issue for the Connecticut Family Law courts. Relocation may become necessary with acceptance of a new job, remarriage, or possible a desire to be in closer proximity to family. When a relocation is being considered, the court will consider two factors: the detriment to the family and best interest of the children.
At Greene Law, P.C., we have and will continue to represent parties on either side of the relocation issue keeping in mind the best interests of you and your children.


Fathers' Rights - Ensuring Access to Your Children
As the father of your children, you want to ensure that will have legal access. We will make sure that you will continue to part of your children's lives. The Connecticut court system recognizes that fathers have responsibilities and rights regarding their children. Our attorneys at Greene Law, P.C. will aid you in your paternity case to exercise your parental rights.

Ensuring Your Children Get the Support They Need
Greene Law, P.C. will also assist the mothers who want to make sure that their children get the support they deserve. We will help you file a motion for child support. This process will make a DNA test mandatory by the assumed father. Once paternity has been established, the father of the child will then share financial responsibility for raising your child.
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